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TDR Rotrex Intake - NA/NB Miata

TDR Rotrex Intake - NA/NB Miata

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Designed to mimic the supplied silicone intake hose, all while solving the problems that the silicone hose has. No more shock tower bolt contact to rattle or rub through any components, and the pipe runs high enough to clear our brake master brace design so you don't have to settle for less! This kit currently reuses the intake filter that comes with the TDR kit. The intake is 3" diameter throughout, and has a bung in case you are running a recirculation style system on your Rotrex. If you aren't using recirc, just simply cap the port with a 1" vacuum plug.


Kit Includes:

Stainless Steel Intake Pipe (Brushed Finish)

3" Coupler (C30-84 and up Rotrex to Intake)

3" Thin Coupler (Adapts the Filter side to attach to the 3.5" filter)

3" T-Bolt Clamp (Quantity 2 - For Rotrex Coupler)

3.5" T-Bolt Clamp (Quantity 1 - For Filter)


Please Note: Units are typically made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment. I will email you upon order to let you know the status, and update you as progress is made. If you are curious before ordering, please reach out.


If you are running a C30-74, please email me and I'll supply the kit with a 2.5" to 3" adapter for the smaller inlet!

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