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NC Miata Street Cold Air Intake (06-15)

NC Miata Street Cold Air Intake (06-15)

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*Currently a pre-order! ~3 weeks lead time*

Upgrade Your NC Miata's Performance with the NC Miata Street Cold Air Intake (06-15) - Unleash Power Safely and Stylishly!

Enhance your driving experience with our NC Miata Street Cold Air Intake (06-15), meticulously designed for optimal performance and safety. Choose between our 3” and 2.75” options, both sitting securely behind the front bumper to shield against rain. Perfect for all-weather driving, the "Street" intake ensures your Miata performs at its best, rain or shine.

Key Features:

  1. All-Weather Performance: Tailored for versatility, our NC Miata Street Cold Air Intake is your go-to solution for all-weather driving. Whether rain or sunshine, this intake delivers consistent and reliable performance for your daily commute or spirited drives.

  2. Size Options: Available in both 3” and 2.75” options, you have the flexibility to choose the size that best suits your driving needs. The 2.75” setup is plug-and-play for stock air intake deletion without requiring a tune, while the 3.00” setup offers maximum airflow, requiring at least a MAF rescaling in the tune.

  3. Powdercoated Elegance: Our intakes come in a sleek Powdercoated Sand Black finish, adding a touch of elegance under the hood. Pictures will be updated once we have one ready, showcasing the quality and style of our intake design.

  4. Plug-and-Play Convenience: The 2.75” setup is a hassle-free plug-and-play solution for deleting your stock air intake, providing instant benefits (though a tune is recommended). The 3.00” setup is also plug and play but requires at least a MAF rescaling in the tune for optimal performance.

  5. OEM Sound Tube Deletion: If you have the OEM sound tube, this kit will elegantly delete it. A block-off plate for the firewall will be supplied shortly, ensuring a clean aesthetic. If ordered before the plate is available, we will promptly send it separately upon completion.

Transform Your Miata's Performance - Order the NC Miata Street Cold Air Intake (06-15) Today!

Upgrade your NC Miata with the Street Cold Air Intake and experience a perfect blend of style, safety, and performance. Order now and elevate your driving experience, rain or shine.

Note: Professional installation is recommended for optimal performance. While the 2.75” setup is plug and play, a tune is beneficial. The 3.00” setup requires at least a MAF rescaling in the tune for optimal performance.

Kit Includes:

Black Powdercoated Aluminum Intake Tube with MAF and PCV Port (3” or 2.75”)

K&N Filter (RU-5111)

Silicone 90 for Throttle Body

T Bolt Clamps for Silicone 90

5/8” Silicone Hose for PCV Fitting

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