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NC Miata Race Cold Air Intake (06-15)

NC Miata Race Cold Air Intake (06-15)

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*Currently a pre-order! ~3 weeks lead time*

Elevate Your NC Miata's Performance with the NC Miata Race Cold Air Intake (06-15) - Unleash the Power of Cold Ambient Air!

Revitalize your NC Miata's engine with our high-performance NC Miata Race Cold Air Intake (06-15). Engineered to draw the coldest possible air straight from the grille opening, this intake guarantees ambient Intake Air Temperatures (IATs) for optimized performance. While some removal of bumper ducting plastic is required, the straightforward installation with easy-to-remove push pins makes it a breeze!

Key Features:

  1. Unparalleled Cold Air Intake: Experience the power of cold ambient air with our NC Miata Race Cold Air Intake. Designed to pull air directly from the grille opening, this intake ensures optimal engine performance and responsiveness.

  2. Easy Installation: While some removal of bumper ducting plastic is necessary, the installation process is a snap with user-friendly push pins. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance without the hassle of complicated installation procedures.

  3. Size Options: Available in both 3” and 2.75” options, you have the flexibility to choose the size that best suits your driving needs. The 2.75” setup is plug-and-play for stock air intake deletion without requiring a tune, while the 3.00” setup offers maximum airflow, requiring at least a MAF rescaling in the tune.

  4. OEM Sound Tube Compatibility: For those with the OEM Sound Tube (NC2/NC3), a sound tube delete is required. Rest assured, a block-off plate for the firewall will be supplied once it's drawn up, ensuring a clean and streamlined look.

  5. Disclaimer for Exposure: Please note that this intake is fully exposed to the elements. While it's perfect for track use or fair weather driving, caution is advised in heavy rain or large puddles, as this could pose a risk of engine damage.

Transform Your Miata's Performance - Order the NC Miata Race Cold Air Intake (06-15) Today!

Upgrade your NC Miata with the Race Cold Air Intake and unlock the true potential of your engine. Order now to experience the perfect combination of cold air efficiency, easy installation, and track-ready performance.

Note: Professional installation is recommended for optimal performance. Exercise caution in heavy rain or when driving through large puddles. For sound tube deletion, a block-off plate will be provided once drawn up.

Kit Includes:

Black Powdercoated Aluminum Intake Tube with MAF and PCV Port (3” or 2.75”)

K&N Filter (RU-5111)

Silicone 90 for Throttle Body

T Bolt Clamps for Silicone 90

5/8” Silicone Hose for PCV Fitting

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