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NC Miata Aluminum Valve Cover (06-15)

NC Miata Aluminum Valve Cover (06-15)

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10AN to 3/8 Hose Fitting

Revamp your NC Miata's engine bay with our Aluminum Valve Cover – not just an aesthetic upgrade, but a performance solution as well. We've upgraded this valve cover with a proprietary stainless steel baffle system, featuring a slick 10AN breather port for optimal crankcase ventilation. Here's why it's the game-changer your Miata deserves:

1. Power Meets Style: This isn't your run-of-the-mill valve cover. We've amped it up with a stainless steel baffle system, ensuring your engine stays in top shape during those spirited drives. No more plastic-fantastic!

2. Breathe Easy: Meet the 10AN breather port – your engine's new best friend. It keeps things breathing under the hood, reduces pressure, and ensures your Miata's heart beats strong.

3. Show Off Your Style: Who said performance can't look good? With your choice of powder-coated finishes to match your Miata's personality, it's not just a cover; it's a style statement for your engine bay.

4. Tough as Nails: Built from aluminum as opposed to the OEM plastic, this valve cover laughs in the face of heat and tough driving conditions. It's built to last, just like your Miata. No more worries about melting your valve cover when you're pushing high HP out of your turbo Miata.

5. Hassle-Free Upgrade: We know you'd rather be driving than tinkering. That's why our kit comes complete with a fresh valve cover gasket. Easy installation means you spend less time in the garage and more time driving.

Please send an email with your order number and color of choice for your valve cover. We use Prismatic Powders, so pick from any of the colors on their site. As these are custom coated per-order, please allow ~3 weeks from order time for completion.

Prismatic Powders Site:

Note: If you're running the factory style PCV hose to your intake, we can include a 10AN to 3/8 fitting so you can still retain that system. Just choose it from the options and we'll ship it with it!

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