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NC Miata 2.5 Swap Parts Package

NC Miata 2.5 Swap Parts Package

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Camshafts - Brian Crower
Springs and Retainers - Brian Crower (Required for Stage 2 Cams or Greater)
Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer

Tired of piecing together a kit and hoping you got everything you need? Look no further. We took the time to get everything so that you rest easy knowing it's all here. Using 99% OEM gaskets, there's no compromise. The only exception to that is the rear main seal, so that you're not stuck without a tool to install the seal with since the OEM unit doesn't come with one.

Basic Package Included Parts List:

- Front Main Seal

- Rear Main Seal

- Valve Cover Gasket

- Oil Pickup Tube O-Ring

- Oil Pickup Tube

- Intake Manifold Gasket

- Exhaust Manifold Gasket

- Oil Filter Housing Gasket

- Water Pump Gasket

- EGR Housing Gasket

- VVT Gasket

- Pilot Bearing

- Accessory Drive Belt

- 2.5L VVT Connector Plug

- Camshaft Bolts (2)

- Camshaft Diamond Washers (2)

- Crankshaft Bolt

- Crankshaft Diamond Washers (2)

- 2.5L Water Pump

- Spark Plugs (4)

- Balance Shaft Delete Kit

- EGR Block Off Kit

- Timing Tool Kit

- Oil Filter



- BC Cams

- BC Springs and Retainers

- Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer

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