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NA/NB Miata Brake Master Cylinder Brace

NA/NB Miata Brake Master Cylinder Brace

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Upgrade Your Braking Confidence with the NA/NB Miata Brake Master Cylinder Brace - Say Goodbye to Soft Pedals!

Enhance your Miata's braking performance with our premium NA/NB Miata Brake Master Cylinder Brace. Miata firewalls are notorious for flexing under heavy braking, leading to a soft pedal feel and compromised braking power. Our meticulously engineered master cylinder brace, bolted securely in the factory shock tower location, is your solution to eliminate firewall flex and ensure that 100% of your braking power goes exactly where you intend it to!

Key Features:

  1. Eliminate Soft Pedal Feel: Bid farewell to the soft pedal feel that plagues Miatas during heavy braking. Our Brake Master Cylinder Brace counteracts firewall flex, providing a solid and responsive pedal for a confident driving experience.

  2. Optimized Braking Power: By strategically pushing back on the brake master cylinder, our brace maximizes braking power efficiency. Enjoy an immediate improvement in responsiveness and overall braking performance, ensuring your safety on every drive.

  3. Secure Factory Shock Tower Location: Bolted up in the factory shock tower location, our master cylinder brace guarantees a secure and optimal fit. This strategic placement reinforces the structural integrity of your Miata's braking system.

  4. Compatibility with OEM NB1 Strut Tower Brace: Designed to seamlessly fit with an OEM NB1 strut tower brace, our master cylinder brace offers added versatility for Miata enthusiasts. Please note that we have not found an aftermarket strut tower brace that works with this system.

  5. Simple Air Box Trimming: Achieving a perfect fit with a stock setup is a breeze with a minor air box trimming. This straightforward adjustment ensures a seamless integration with your Miata's existing components.

  6. NB Dual Booster Master Cylinder Setup Disclaimer: Kindly note that our master cylinder brace is not compatible with the dual booster master cylinder setup found in some NB's. Reach out to us for personalized assistance with fitment questions.

Transform Your Braking Experience - Order the NA/NB Miata Brake Master Cylinder Brace Today!

Upgrade to our NA/NB Miata Brake Master Cylinder Brace and experience a new level of braking confidence. Say goodbye to soft pedals and welcome enhanced performance on every drive. Order now and redefine your Miata's braking capabilities!

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