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NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake - MAF (1.8 Only)

NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake - MAF (1.8 Only)

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Cobra Intake Delete

Unleash Power with the Ultimate NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake – MAF (1.8 Only) - The Pinnacle of Performance!

Elevate your NA Miata's performance with the NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake, the epitome of power and innovation. Embracing the revered "Over-The-Radiator" style, this Cobra intake pulls air from the optimal location in front of your radiator, where it's coldest. The result? Cooler air translates to more power, and who can resist the allure of increased performance?

Key Features:

  1. Proven Excellence: Touted as the best intake for NA Miata's, our Cobra Cold Air Intake stands as a testament to its unrivaled excellence. Experience the pinnacle of performance and unlock the full potential of your 1.8 NA Miata.

  2. Optimized Cold Air Intake: The "Over-The-Radiator" style ensures that your Miata's engine breathes in the coldest air possible. Cooler air not only means increased power but also contributes to overall engine efficiency and responsiveness.

  3. Full Plug and Play Kit: This Cobra Cold Air Intake is a complete plug-and-play kit tailored for NA8 Miata's with a factory ECU/MAF. Enjoy a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to hit the road and revel in the enhanced driving experience without delay.

  4. Tailored for 1.8 Only: Exclusively designed for 1.8 NA Miata models, this intake is engineered to cater to the specific needs and requirements of your engine. Precision and compatibility are at the forefront of its design.

  5. More Power, More Thrills: Elevate your driving experience with the promise of more power. Unleash the true potential of your NA8 Miata and enjoy the exhilaration of responsive acceleration and enhanced performance.

Transform Your Miata – Order the NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake (MAF, 1.8 Only) Today!

Don't settle for mediocrity – upgrade to the NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake for a driving experience that's truly unparalleled. Order now and discover the perfect fusion of style, power, and performance.

Link if you want to print your own Cobra intake:

Note: The kit provided unit has been quite heavily upgraded, but printing your own is a great option. It needs to be a high heat capable material or it will melt! If you pick the selection with "Print your own", you'll also need to supply your own filter. The one I use is 2.75" due to the modified cobra intake. Most self-printed versions are 2.5".

 Kit Includes:

Silicone Couplers (Qty: 2)

2.5" Clamps (Qty: 3)

2.75” Clamps (Qty: 2)

Valve Cover Breather Port


Cobra Intake (3D Printed Carbon Fiber Nylon. Based on Alec Moody’s Design - Distributed by Jonathan Joel)

K&N Filter (RU-1460)

Please Note: Kit Lead Times are around 2 weeks from time of order if the parts are not in stock. I will email you once your order is placed, but if you have any questions about immediate availability please reach out before ordering.

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