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NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake Kit - Standalone ECU/GM IAT (1.8 Only)

NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake Kit - Standalone ECU/GM IAT (1.8 Only)

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Intake Manifold
Cobra Intake Delete

Ignite Performance with the NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake Kit - Unleash Power and Precision!

Revitalize your driving experience with the NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake Kit, a pinnacle of performance designed to maximize power and precision. Embracing the esteemed "Over-The-Radiator" style, this Cobra intake strategically draws in air from the front of your radiator, where it's at its coldest. Cooler air translates to increased power, ensuring an exhilarating ride for every Miata enthusiast.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Performance: Touted as the best intake for NA Miata's, our Cobra Cold Air Intake Kit stands as a testament to unrivaled excellence. Experience a surge in power and responsiveness, transforming your 1.8 NA Miata into a high-performance machine.

  2. Over-The-Radiator Design: The innovative "Over-The-Radiator" style optimizes cold air intake, pulling in air from the coldest location in front of your radiator. This design choice ensures superior engine efficiency and enhanced performance for every drive.

  3. Full Plug and Play Kit: Enjoy a seamless installation process with our complete plug-and-play kit. Designed exclusively for 1.8 engines (swapped into an NA6 or in the factory NA8), this kit guarantees compatibility and ease of use, making it an ideal upgrade for your Miata.

  4. Standalone ECU/GM IAT: Elevate your tuning capabilities with the requirement for a standalone ECU. The inclusion of a GM IAT sensor enhances precision and control over your Miata's performance, ensuring optimal tuning for maximum power gains.

  5. MAF/AFM Delete: This kit necessitates a standalone ECU and mandates the removal of MAF/AFM, providing a clean slate for optimized airflow and enhanced engine responsiveness.

Transform Your Miata - Order the NA Miata Cobra Cold Air Intake Kit Today!

Don't settle for average – embrace excellence with our Cobra Cold Air Intake Kit. Unleash the power, precision, and style your Miata deserves. Order now and experience driving in a league of its own.

Link if you want to print your own Cobra intake:

Note: The kit provided unit has been quite heavily upgraded, but printing your own is a great option. It needs to be a high heat capable material or it will melt! If you pick the “print your own” option, you’ll have to supply your own filter as well as the one that I carry is 2.75, instead of the standard 2.5” that Alec Moody’s design prints with.

Kit Includes:

2.5" Couplers (Qty: 2)

2.5" Clamps (Qty: 4)

2.5" Crossover Pipe w/ 3/8" IAT Bung (Powder Coated Sand Black)

Cobra Intake (3D Printed Carbon Fiber Nylon. Based on Alec Moody’s Design - Distributed by Jonathan Joel)

K&N Filter (RU-1460)

Please Note: Kits are made to order currently. Approximate lead time is 3 weeks give or take a little. Reach out if you have an expedite request or any other questions. Thanks!

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