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ARP Head Stud Kit for Miata MX-5 (1990-2005)

ARP Head Stud Kit for Miata MX-5 (1990-2005)

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Upgrade your Miata MX-5's engine reliability with the ARP Head Stud Kit, a must-have for performance enthusiasts and engine builders. Engineered to handle increased cylinder pressures and ensure a secure head gasket seal, these head studs are designed specifically for Miata applications.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Construction: Crafted from premium-grade materials, these head studs are manufactured to meet the rigorous standards set by ARP, ensuring durability and reliability.

  2. Increased Cylinder Pressure Handling: The ARP Head Stud Kit is designed to handle elevated cylinder pressures, making it an ideal choice for turbocharged, supercharged, or high-performance naturally aspirated setups.

  3. Secure Head Gasket Seal: Prevent head gasket failure with the superior clamping force provided by ARP head studs. This is crucial for maintaining a leak-free seal and optimizing engine performance.

  4. Precision Engineering: Each stud is precisely engineered to OEM specifications, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with your Miata MX-5 engine.

  5. Proven Performance: Trusted by professional race teams and engine builders worldwide, ARP is synonymous with high-performance hardware. Choose reliability and performance with ARP Head Studs.


  • Miata MX-5 [Specify Year Range]

Package Includes:

  • Complete set of ARP Head Studs, Washers, and Nuts
  • ARP Assembly Lubricant

Installation Notes: Professional installation is recommended. Ensure proper torque specifications are followed during installation for optimal performance.

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