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36-2 Trigger Wheel - Bofi Racing NA/NB Miata

36-2 Trigger Wheel - Bofi Racing NA/NB Miata

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Upgrade your Mazda Miata NA and NB's engine control capabilities with the 36-2 Trigger Wheel. Designed to provide unparalleled precision in engine position sensing, this trigger wheel is a game-changer for those seeking optimal performance, especially when using aftermarket ECUs.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Precision: The 36-2 trigger wheel offers more fine control over the engine's position, providing improved accuracy at all RPMs. This upgrade is particularly advantageous for aftermarket ECUs, allowing for faster starts and better responsiveness to load changes.

  2. Advanced Timing Control: Experience superior timing control and resolution across the entire RPM range. This ensures optimal engine performance and responsiveness, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts who demand the best from their Miata.

  3. VVT Engine Compatibility: For vehicles equipped with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) engines, the 36-2 wheel provides better control over the VVT solenoid and position. This results in improved overall engine efficiency and responsiveness.

  4. Forced Induction Ready: Highly recommended for cars running forced induction, the 36-2 trigger wheel optimizes engine control in boosted applications, enhancing overall reliability and performance.

  5. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with LNC 1.6 engines and all 1.8 engines using Megasquirt ECUs and Motorsport Electronics ME221/442 Gen2 ECUs. Ensure accurate installation by orienting the missing teeth to the left of Top Dead Center (TDC), counterclockwise from TDC.

  6. Direct Bolt-On Upgrade: Effortlessly replace the stock harmonic dampers equipped with a 4-tooth trigger wheel and Fluidamprs. Please note that it is not compatible with ATI SuperDampers.

Take control of your Miata's engine with the 36-2 Trigger Wheel – the perfect upgrade for enthusiasts seeking precision, responsiveness, and enhanced engine control in both stock and forced induction applications.

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