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Miata 1.8 Differential Carrier Reinforcement (Torsen and Open)

Miata 1.8 Differential Carrier Reinforcement (Torsen and Open)

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Miata with Our Miata 1.8 Differential Carrier Reinforcement – Engineered for Power and Durability!

Is your Miata yearning for added strength under power? Elevate your driving experience with our Miata 1.8 Differential Carrier Reinforcement, meticulously crafted to resist the forces of powerful drives and ensure unwavering performance.

Key Features:

  1. Bulletproof Strength: Our differential carrier reinforcement is purpose-built to withstand the intense forces generated during acceleration. Reinforced to the core, it minimizes the risk of breakage under power, providing your Miata with the strength it needs to handle high-performance driving with ease.

  2. Premium Build: Crafted from top-tier materials, our reinforcement is engineered for longevity and durability. The robust design resists wear and tear, making it a reliable upgrade that won't let you down, even under the most demanding driving conditions.

  3. Effortless Installation: Designed for a hassle-free installation, our Miata 1.8 Differential Carrier Reinforcement is a straightforward bolt-on solution. No need for complicated modifications – simply reinforce your Miata's differential carrier and get ready to unleash its full power potential.

  4. Tailored Compatibility: Customized for the 1.8 Miata, our reinforcement ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration. Say goodbye to worries about breakage under power and hello to a Miata that can handle the intensity of your driving style.

*NOTE* Service Only - This does not include the carrier itself. You have to ship me your diff carrier (not the whole diff please!) and I will supply the reinforcement plates and weld them on, then ship it back to you. If you need me to supply a core, please reach out and I will see if I can get my hands on one for you for a fee.


Standard - This is what 99% of you will need. This reinforces the passenger side diff arm where the factory notch is. The product picture is the "Standard" setup.

Double - This reinforces both the passenger and drivers side. This would be more of a cosmetic thing than anything but I'm happy to do it if you would like.

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