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NA Miata Cobra Intake - MAF

NA Miata Cobra Intake - MAF

Touted as the best intake for NA Miata's, the "Over-The-Radiator" style Cobra intake pulls air from in front of your radiator where the air is the coldest. Cooler air means more power, and who doesn't love more power. This is a full plug and play kit for NA8 Miata’s with a factory ECU/MAF.


Link if you want to print your own Cobra intake:

Note: The kit provided unit has been quite heavily upgraded, but printing your own is a great option. It needs to be a high heat capable material or it will melt! If you pick the selection with "Print your own", you'll also need to supply your own filter. The one I use is 2.75" due to the modified cobra intake. Most self-printed versions are 2.5".


Kit Includes:

Silicone Couplers (Qty: 2)

2.5" Clamps (Qty: 3)

2.75” Clamps (Qty: 2)

Valve Cover Breather Port


Cobra Intake (3D Printed Carbon Fiber Nylon. Based on Alec Moody’s Design - Distributed by Jonathan Joel)

K&N Filter (RU-1460)

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