NA Miata Catch Can

NA Miata Catch Can

Catch cans designed to bolt into NA Miata's using OEM hardware locations. Designed around K Swaps (Turbo or NA), but they can also function in Naturally Aspirated BP Miata's.


The catch cans feature durable powder coating, two 10AN and one 6AN input port, a 10AN drain port, and two ports for any 1.25" breather filters. We suggest using these (seen in picture): Catch Can Breathers


We would not recommend using this kit in a turbo or supercharged BP Miata due to the heat generated by the FI System and its proximity to the catch can. Also depending on turbo sizing, the catch can may not fit. This isn't a problem on K Swaps due to the turbo being on the passenger side of the car.


K Swap Plumbing Suggestions:

The 6AN Port is for the PCV behind the water pump.

The 2 10AN Ports are for use from the valve cover.

Block any unused ports.


BP Plumbing Suggestions:

The 6AN Port is unused.

The 2 10AN Ports are to be plumbed into the valve cover ports.

Block any unused ports.


What comes in the kit:

(1) Catch Can

(1) 10AN Cap for Drain Port


Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. All cans are typically made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks. Standard powder coating is Sand Black.