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About Stefan Napp and Napp Motorsports


What started as a long time inside joke, Napp Motorsports was a just Stefan Napp working with his friends to build their Miatas and make them better and faster. A mechanical engineer for a decade, Stefan finally made the transition to Napp Motorsports full time in November 2023, propelled by his passion for automotive craftsmanship.

Hands-On Expertise:
With a decade-long engineering background and a love for building cars into better versions of themselves, Stefan's abilities in automotive mechanics are rooted in hands-on experience and community collaboration.

Passion for Improvement:
The joy of taking something and making it better, whether aesthetically, functionally, or both, fuels Stefan's enthusiasm for working on cars. This passion radiates through every aspect of Napp Motorsports.

Content Creation and Community Growth:
Content creation on platforms like YouTube played a pivotal role in expanding Napp Motorsports' reach. It became a conduit for Stefan to connect with a wider audience and collaborate with individuals who have contributed to his continuous growth.

Welding and Fabrication Journey:
Driven by the desire to learn welding for personal projects, Stefan's journey into fabrication became a love affair. What started as a quest to build parts for his K Swap transformed into a vision of growing Napp Motorsports into a full-time endeavor.

Customer Relations and Quality Focus:
Napp Motorsports, a small personal project, thrives on building relationships with customers. Prioritizing quality above all, Stefan ensures that each product reflects his dedication to excellence.

Innovative Design:
In an oversaturated market, Napp Motorsports stands out through innovative designs. Stefan identifies needs within the Miata community, whether for his projects or inspired by customer requests, and turns them into reality.

Defining Moments and Challenges:
The journey includes K Swapping Stefan's 1991 Miata, developing a turbo manifold, learning welding, and building a complex 2.0L ITB engine for Dylan's NA Miata. Challenges like working long hours and the recent decision to go full time are driven by a profound love for the craft.

Community Connections:
Personal connections with customers transcend business transactions, a value Stefan holds dear. Attending events like Miatas at the Gap and Miata Reunion strengthens his bond with the vibrant Miata community.

Future Endeavors:
Stefan's focus extends to the underserved NC market, recognizing its potential and rising popularity. Napp Motorsports envisions an expanded product offering and the occasional "Next Level" build, embracing different platforms and bringing higher quality products to enthusiasts.

Amidst the challenges and triumphs, Stefan's journey with Napp Motorsports remains fueled by the joy of witnessing enthusiasts breathe life into their Miatas, each part and engine crafted with precision, care, and a deep-rooted passion for automotive excellence.